Reduce labour and material costs with the only insulation system designed for hydronic in-floor heating

In preventing the ground from becoming a linked "thermal bridge" to the slab, InsulWorks permits fast and accurate room temperature response to temperature controllers. The use of InsulWorks may also reduce the size and cost of system hardware.

Using InsulWorks will reduce project costs and speed up installation because it replaces the usual method of positioning a tube by tying it to wire mesh. The tube is simply "stepped" into the InsulWorks panels, saving a great deal of labour. The cost to purchase and install wire mesh may also be eliminated.

InsulWorks is produced from Type 2 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a high density closed cell foam insulation. It is appropriate for use on and under ground and under concrete structures. EPS contains no harmful CFC or HCFC blowing agents and will not loose R-Value over time.

InsulWorks can be used under slab-on-grade, in a sandwich slab application, in snow melt systems and other applications under concrete where radiant panel heating is required. InsulWorks has been designed to support the weight of cast-in-place concrete, construction activity, working loads, machinery and heavy vehicle loading where the concrete slab has been designed for such purposes.

InsulWorks is part of an integrated system of Newfoundland Styro insulation products designed for cost effectiveness, durability and versatility. Newfoundland Styro insulation products can substantially reduce heating costs while protecting the integrity and long-term comfort of your home.

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