Its unique compressibility characteristics allow Truefit to be "squeeze-fit" between studs, joists or rafters - perfect for insulating walls, floors and ceilings.

TrueFit panels are manufactured from Newfoundland Styro Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). A special design feature allows TrueFit insulation panels to be compressed across their width.

This permits a tight, draft-free insulation project even in less-than-ideal circumstances. It's unique design makes TrueFit an excellent choice for home improvement applications in floors, walls and cathedral ceilings.

TrueFit shares certain key advantages common to all Newfoundland Styro EPS insulation products. It is breathable and highly resistant to condensation. Its thermal qualities are practically unaffected by moisture or moving air. It cannot sag or settle once installed. It is non-toxic and releases no dust or irritating fibres. Newfoundland Styro EPS contains no ozone-depleting CFC's or HCFC's. It is of no nutritional interest whatsoever to insects or other potential pests and is very resistant to mildew.

TrueFit is custom manufactured and is available in widths up to 24", lengths to 8' and thicknesses 3 1/2" and up. In addition to its usefulness in home insulation, the custom fit and moisture resistant qualities of TrueFit make it an excellent choice for agricultural and freezer applications.

TrueFit is part of an integrated system of Newfoundland Styro insulation products designed for cost effectiveness, durability and versatility. Newfoundland Styro insulation products can substantially reduce heating costs while protecting the integrity and long-term comfort of your home.

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