Fish Sorb

Your solution for controlling moisture when shipping seafood

Fish Sorb is the latest in a line of products developed to provide effective solutions to your moisture control problems. 

Customers see many benefits:

  •  Ultra thin and lightweight
  •  Pulp fiber combined with a non-woven backing provides greater absorbency
  •  Available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies
  •  Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency


The most economical and esthetic alternative available.


Mat Type  
Grams per sq. meter Size (in inches) Absorbency (litres per pad)
125 gsm 10" x 15" 0.140 litres per pad
125 gsm 10" x 19-3/4" 0.223 litres per pad
125 gsm 15" x 20" 0.339 litres per pad
125 gsm 15" x 23" 0.390 litres per pad
300 gsm 10" x 11" 0.268 litres per pad