Frigid Ice

Proper quality control is essential when transporting fresh seafood - from processor to market

Frigid Ice gel paks feature a puncture resistant, attractive, film and have the ability to really hold the cold. Frigid Ice is made with ingredients included on the USFDA GRAS list as accepted direct food additives and is approved as food grade by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This food grade formula is ideal for any application where performance and overall package appeal are imperative. Pick from 9 sizes to meet your shipping needs.

Frigid Ice gel packs are available in the following sizes:

  • 8 oz Gel Pack
  • 1 lb Gel Pack  
  • 1.5 lbs Gel Pack
  • 2 lbs Regular Profile Gel Pack
  • 2 lbs Low Profile Gel Pack
  • 3 lbs Gel Pack

The ultimate for airline shipping:

  • Maintains consistant low temperature
  • Re-freezable
  • Manufactured with food grade additives


Frigid Gel-Pak Certification of Quality - Tech Pak (pdf)
Frigid Gel-Pak Canadian Food Inspection Agency (pdf)